The german designer Michelle Bondulich was born in 1996, Berlin. Brought up in Spain she gained an interest for the theatrical perfomance art and how costumes and bodies communicate. She moved to the UK as a teenager and graduated from UAL Wimbledon College of Arts as a Costume Designer in the summer of 2018 .

Bondulich’s latest practice focuses on the relationship between the perfomer, space and costume, using this as a an artistic method to portray the story or character within the garment and movement. She tends to distance herself from using fabrics and and works with silicone and dissolvable fabrics. She finds there is depth once the wearable pieces come to life, move in their own way and get transformed in reaction to the space and performers. In her practice she wants the audience to feel and get immersed in a physical & mental way.


2019 (current)

Costume Design & Production Assistant

Deutsche Oper


The Crown : Season 2
Director: Philip Martin
Costume Design: Jane Petrie



> Interview : Degree Show : UAL